Friday, July 16, 2010

submitted art

Khristopher Reale is the chosen submitted art for the week. He has been drawing for three years. He likes to draw with anime and comic book styles. He still wants to improve himself as an artist. One pet peeve of his is people asking him how he learned how to draw. Whenever he is asked this he simply replies with "practice practice practice." He is glad he was given the chance to show people his talents and hopes one day his art will be appreciated.

Students of the Week

The Students of the Week from July 6-9

The Students of the Week from the Past.

Aaron Geurts is a new student this year. He is also last week’s male studen
t of the week. Aaron’s favorite class is algebra 2. In his free time he also enjoys playing soccer. He has informed us that he is not getting married anytime soon. If the world was to end tomorrow Aaron has plans on going skydiving before the world ends. His dream job is to be a heart surgeon. If he could go to any place in the world he would go to Cancun also if he had the chance to date any famous person in the world he would date Megan Fox.

Liz Arreguin was the student of the week f
or the girls last week. Her favorite class is Algebra. Her favorite hobby is to go 4-wheeling. She would very much like to go visit St. Lucia in the Caribbean. One weird fact about her is that she has what she calls “dumb moments.” Dumb moments are when she will just start doing something that is considered “dumb.” If she were to ever be offered the opportunity to date anyone that is famous she would date John Cena. Liz’s favorite candy is the Jolly Rancher.

The Students of the Week from the Present. (July 13-16)

The student of the week on the girls side had a tie this week. The tie was between Hannah Hurst and Shayna Reale. Hannah enjoys the color baby blue also is one of her hobbies. She loves all of her classes equally. Her dream destination is either Beijing or Hong Kong, China. Her favorite type of candy is Kinder Chocolate, which is a type of German chocolate. If she could marry any famous person she would marry Johnny Depp. Her dream job is to be a Child Neurologist.

Shayna, is the other student of the week on the girls side. She loves the color blue. She frequents her time with singing. Her favorite out of all of her classes at UB is Spanish. Given the chance she would visit Fiji. She would also marry Johnny Depp. Her Favorite candy is suckers, and she also wants to be a chef when she grows up.
Tanyon Wood is our lucky guy for this week of Student of the Week. Tanyon likes the color blue. His favorite class is math. He spends his time building things with legos. If the world were to end tomorrow he would spend his last hours playing video games, and also he would go to Hawaii if he could go anywhere in the world. Tanyon wants to be a robotics engineer when he grows up. Last but not least Tanyon’s favorite types of candy are, Swedish fish, M&M's and just candy in general. Those are our students of the week, be sure
to congratulate them.

By Spencer Armstrong

"The Panda"
The winner of “The Junk of the Week” is Maria Lemos. She is a tutor at Upward Bound. She has a panda that she has had since she was a month old. She says that her panda was bigger than her when she got it. Her panda has always been with her as she was growing up, and it still goes with her everywhere that she goes. When her family moved from Howe to Aberdeen she would hug it when she missed home. When she moved to college her panda came along. She said that she hugs it every night when she is going to go to sleep. She says that her panda means a lot to her, because it makes her feel closer to home and that her parents love her. She has never lost it. She said that her panda has been missing an eye since her junior year in college. She does not know how it disappeared. No matter how old she is. Her panda will always go with her over oceans, up mountains, and through deserts.
By Nancy Avila

Healthy Relationships

This last Thursday Sarah and Michelle from Family Service Alliance were our guest speakers. They were invited to talk to the students of Upward Bound about dating violence, abuse, and threats. Sarah and Michelle help people that have been in any type of abuse. They can also help the victim with their court progress. They can put the victim in a home and make them feel safe. Sarah and Michelle also did some activities with the students to get them involved with the topic. For example, they created a list of some of the things they would like to have in a healthy relationship. They listed things like being respectful, loving, caring, sweet, and honest. Sarah and Michelle were able to get all of students involved in the topic. If some of the students wanted to share something. they could as it was confidential. These guest speakers gave the students lots of good information that could be used later on in their lives. If the students apply this advice they will have healthier relationships.

By: Lucero Arredondo

Have you ever gotten a feeling that someone was watching you, and when you looked around no one was there? What about experiencing a sudden cold chill, or any unexplained noises? These are just some of the signs of paranormal activity. Many people don’t know it, but there is said to be spirits right here in Pocatello, Idaho. To be more specific, here at ISU! Where exactly could these ghosts possibly be hiding?
One of the most suspected places for residing spirits is Graveley Hall. Graveley Hall, named after Lottie M, Graveley, was built in 1939, it was once a women’s residence hall until they decided to change it into offices and classrooms. It’s known that people have committed suicide in this building. Many people say they feel a presence while in the building. This presence has opened windows and opened doors for people.
Also, there is paranormal activity in the Student Union Building, the SUB is a place for ISU students to hang out and have fun. It is equipped with a bowling alley, arcade, and pool tables. People have claimed to have seen pool balls rolling on the table without any disruption by a physical force. Also, pin ball machines have been witnessed being played without anyone being there to play them. The air hockey table is known for turning on by itself. People have heard faint screams and unexpected loud banging noises while there.
Another building reported to be haunted in Frazier Hall. Frazier Hall houses the performing art and speech classes here at ISU. The reported ghost who resides there apparently likes to open and shut windows, and move objects around. The elevator will move from floor to floor without anyone operating it, and curtains on the stage will move without disturbances nearby. It has also been reported that mysterious sounds such as a piano playing and footsteps down the hall have occurred.
ISU obviously has some secrets that we were not told about beforehand. So next time you feel that someone is watching you, or you feel a sudden cold chill down your spine, you might have unknowingly entered the haunted halls of ISU. Whether or not you believe in the supernatural it’s easy to admit that all of these occurrences seem pretty weird.
By: Kaylyn Christensen

Tutor of the Week!

The tutor spotlight this week is Shante Knapp. She wanted to be a tutor for Upward Bound because she thought that it would be a good experience and a good chance to meet others. The thing that she values most in a person is honesty, because she likes people to be honest with her. She plans on continuing school when she is done tutoring here at Upward Bound. She is currently studying Social Work, because she wants to help people. If she had twenty-four hours left to live, she would want to spend time with her family and eat her favorite foods while outside enjoying nature.

Her dream job is to be a social worker. Ten years from now she sees herself married, having a master’s degree, and a few kids. She wants to name one of her boys Ledger. Some good advice she would give to someone is “Don’t compromise who you are.” She prefers dogs rather than cats, because dogs always seem to be happy. As for cats, they just seem snobby to her. She is a very nice person, and a great addition to Upward Bound.

By: Kylee Cotroneo

Funny Moments

Have you ever experienced something so funny that you could not help but giggle? The following students have not only experienced funny things but have also learned something from it. Laura Gonzalez and Bradley Cruz will share some interesting, and uniquely funny memories of their own.
Our first “ha-ha” moment will be called Laura’s Driving Skills. The story goes like this. Laura was hanging out with her friend Vivi. They were on their way to the store, and they noticed this hot guy passing by. They checked him out and started talking about his big lips and his amazing hair. As they were about to pull into the store parking lot, she realized she was driving on the wrong side of the road. Surprisingly, she did not caught. Later she received many calls from people asking her why she had been on the wrong side. Instead of being embarrassed, she laughed about it. Laura learned that she should not talk about guys while she is driving. Perhaps then she might not drive on the wrong side again.

Now for our last “ha-ha” moment, Bradley’s frozen what? Bradley was just another young fellow who loved to watch the television. He was watching a cartoon which was showing a little kid who had licked a very cold pole and got his tongue stuck. For some strange reason this made Bradley want to get an Ice Popsicle. As he was getting one, he could not help but decide that he wanted to stick his tongue on the freezer. It got stuck! When he eventually pulled it off a layer of his tongue was on the freezer. Bradley said, “It hurt really bad.” However, he admitted it was a knee-slapper! Hopefully, Bradley learned that he should never stick his tongue on anything that is frozen or suffer the result. These students went through some pretty interestingly funny moments. If you have any funny moments you would like to share with us, feel free to comment. I hope you enjoyed these funny memories.

By: Cristina Rivas

Friday, July 2, 2010

Submitted Art

Sandra Molina is a senior at Snake River High School. She won the congressional art title. She got the opportunity to go to Washington DC to the capital building where her drawing is going to be hung up for a year. Sandra enjoys drawing and working out on her free time. She wants to major as a designer or a surgeon.

Students of the Week

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This is Will. He won student of the week for the first week of Upward Bound. He is from Snake River High School, and his favorite color is dark red. His dream job is to be either a professional musician, and he wants to major in either computer sciences or music theory. Something Will enjoys doing is playing video games and guitar. His favorite subject in school is math or science. The weirdest thing he has ever done is gone to church when he was invited by the bishop but was not an actual member of the church. If he could be any place in the world, it would be in Columbus Ohio, because he has a lot of family there and that is where the Rock hall of Fame is located. Will was asked if you could date a celebrity who would it be and why? “It would be Selena Gomez because she is the most normal person.” He replied. Wills favorite candy is a Chico stick.

This is Cristina. She also won the student of the week award. She is from Aberdeen Idaho, and her favorite color is purple. Her dream job is to be a lawyer, and she wants to major in photography when she goes to college. Her favorite subject in school is English; some of her hobbies are reading and watching movies. One weird thing she has done is paint all her nails a different color and then chew them off. Her favorite place to be is Las Vegas because of all the colors and lights. If she could date a famous person, it would be Jackson Rathbone (Jasper from twilight) because he is really cute, and she is in love with him!

By: Kylee Cotroneo

Teacher of the Week!

Ms. Peterson is the teacher for this week at Upward Bound. She teaches Science at Pocatello High School and here in Upward Bound. Ms. Peterson is a very intelligent woman, and we all love her dearly. She has been teaching here for three years and enjoys her job very much.
Ms. Peterson believes that everyone should be honest with themselves. She values people who are sincere and honest towards others. Her favorite color is blue. She states that if she could have a room filled with anything, she would like it to be money. One thing she wishes she could achieve at this time is to get rid of the country’s deficit and create more jobs. The best knowledge she has ever received is, “The reason a dog is such a lovable companion is because it wags its tail and not it’s tongue.” The advice she offers to all of her students is learn confidence in yourself and that it doesn’t matter who tells you what you can’t do. Ms. Peterson also said that the weirdest thing she will admit to doing is putting a dead owl on one of her friends’ doorstep.
Ms. Peterson is an amazing teacher whom her students would like to thank. She has taught them many important facts, and has now given them some helpful advice. She hopes this article will let people know a little more about herself and not see her as just a teacher. As you can see she is much more than just a teacher, she is a role model with much advice and knowledge to give. Thank you Ms. Peterson.

By: Kaylyn Christensen

Health Education Speaker

As young adults teens need to understand the importance of education in all areas of life including sex education. This past Thursday Ellie Taggart, a physician assistant from the ISU Student Health Clinic was invited to talk to the students of Upward Bound about the effects that sex can have on a person’s life. Herpes, Aids, and Hepatitis were some of the topic subjects of the lecture. Ellie described in detail the small and major effects of the diseases impacts on your current and future life style. Although she talked a lot about diseases, she also talked about how to prevent receiving one; such as the act of abstinence, or the use of a condom.
After discussing diseases, Ellie began to explain to the students about how a birth control pill is not always fool proof. Even though it is recommended to girls by physicians at times, there is always a consequence. Major side effects from using such medication may cause problems for women who may want children in the future. Ellie gave the students a lot of valuable information both vocally and in the use of papers and pamphlets with published facts.

By: Matthew Martinez

Weird Facts about the people in Upward Bound.

For this news letter I was asked to get weird facts about ISU and of the people in upward bound. It was extremely hard to find weird facts about ISU. One of our tutor mentors, Abel Ortiz, kindly informed me that the pillars were donated by a funeral home. That’s pretty weird. Now here are some weird facts about some of the students in the Upward Bound program.

I went around asking students what they thought was weird about themselves. When I asked them, most people didn’t know what to say. No one wants to point out what they think is weird about themselves. So they had to think for a minute. What they came up with was Cindy Torres can’t sleep with socks on. Hailey Fluckiger can speak Korean. She learned it when she was in Taekwondo Brandon Mingo has a fear of heights. Fabian Flores is a guy that does not like to fish. Jared Dawson will accept any nick name from any one, like people have called him JJ, fat boy, and pimp daddy. So if you want to call him any name in the book, go for it! Carlos Molina has a phobia of other people’s blood. “I don’t mind my own blood, it is other people’s that bothers me,” he said. Everyone has something weird about themselves. Your weird fact might not be weird to you but think about it. Ask yourself, “What is one weird fact about me?”

By: Jasmine Emery